NTT @ Delft for EcoBulk kick-off meeting

Delft was the kick off meeting of the ECOBULK project, where the various phases and aims of the project were presented. Next Technology Tecnotessile was present as a participant in the project.

ECOBULK will help to "close the cycle" of composite products in the automotive, furnishing and construction sectors by promoting greater reuse, refurbishment, refurbishment and recycling of products, parts and materials.

The aim of the project is to identify and promote common patterns in processes, technologies, products and services that can be replicated and transferable to other industrial sectors.
The application of the circular economy model in the three selected sectors is justified by the high number of design synergies (design modularity, disassembly / disassembly design), materials (fiber-reinforced plastic composites with particles), Production (molding, extrusion, hot pressing) and business models (leasing, rental).
The project involves 7 countries and more than 15 participants.

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