CEQ is a multi-purpose structure for business support, born from the collaboration between the Industrial Association of the Province of Pistoia (now known as Confindustria Toscana Nord) and local centres, with the funds of the L.R. 317 on industrial districts

Born in 1998, first of the Valdienevole’s footwear department, CEQ has progressively expanded its field of activity which today concerns the upholstered furnitore sector and more generally wood-furniture, the textile and clothing sector, plastic materials and products for homes, the metalworking and transport sector, with particular attention for companies in the railway sector, metallic carpentry, heat treatmentes and painting.

The services for the calibration of the measuring and testing instruments, are then gradually added, now they are addressed to the companies of each product sector.

From 1st January 2018 CEQ has become a Departmnent of Next Technology Tecnotessile Soc. Nazionale di Ricerca a r.l.: this has strengthened the synergy that was active among the 2 structures for 15 years, with a strong integration of human resources, infrastructures, relationships and design skills, in the various sectors in which the skills have been developed and consolidated over the years.

The CEQ Laboratory operates in a regional and national context, addressing all those companies that in the above mentioned sectors, in a context of growing awareness of the importance of quality and in a continous effort in the innovation and internalization directions, need a technical and organizational support to qualify your product and its presence on the market.

Among the different activities conducted by the laboratory CEQ, here we remind the tests for the railway sector.

CEQ’s Quality, Testing and Calibration Service is therefore a point of reference for Tuscan companies (and not only) of very diversified sectors (from tannery to footwear, from leather goods to clothing, from wood-furniture to buildings up to mechanics but united by the commitment to quality, to innovate and to face the markets with the weapons of competition and the ability to innovate products and processes.

As a public-owned facility (the Camera di commercio di Pistoia is owner of more than 75% of the Laboratory’s equipment) managed by a mixed public-private entity (Next Technology Tecnotessile srl), CEQ is part of the Tuscany Region’s technological network.

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