Antibacterial and antivirus nanostructured materials to improve hygiene and safety of environments.

SUNOX® system is a unique tool, designed for the construction of floors and surfaces in general, to improve the health and safety of people in delicate environments such as ambulances, dental practices and in general for the entire sector where there may be a risk for the patients. It is active even in the presence of people and it constantly reduces the growth of bacteria and viruses commonly present on surfaces.

Imagine living in environments where the growth of bacteria and viruses is almost impossible. Perfect, isn’t it? Well, today all this is possible thanks to SUNOX®, a system which employs new photocatalytic materials and full spectrum fluorescent light lamps for environments like walls and floors.

The use of these materials (rigid or flexible and available in a wide range of colors) and a correct placement of the light points, will prevent the proliferation of any pathogen. The SUNOX® can be used to cover any type of surface: thanks to its versatility, it is always possible to find the optimal solution, even for the seemingly most difficult situations.

SUNOX®: the system

The bactericidal and virucide system SUNOX ® is realized through two new processes patented by Next Technology for the production of:

Watch the video with an example of the Sunox® application