Tuscany Fashion Cluster

The Fashion Technological Cluster OTIR2020 – Tuscany Fashion Cluster (OTIR2020 – TFC) has as its main objective the development of collaborative activities and the diffusion of R&D among the companies of the fashion sector of the Tuscan territory.

The Cluster involves different organisation and centres from the research world that can support the processes of innovation and subjects that will be able to help the local companies to activate new financial sources necessary for the development of new technologies, new innovative products and services.

The Cluster will guide the companies of the Fashion along the evolutionary trends of the field that today are the most effective in order to increase the level of competitiveness:

  • functionalization of the product;
  • environmental sustainability of process and product;
  • Industry 4.0;
  • distribution and logistics marketing;
  • compliance of products at international level.

The activities of the Cluster will be carried out in order to reach the following operational objectives defined for OTIR2020 – TFC:

  • dissemination of information and transfer of know-how;

  • matchmaking activities (B2B, R2B and B2F encounters);

  • implementation of technology transfer.

The services offered by OTIR2020 – TFC are: