Alongside companies for the access to funding and for the participation to public projects.

The company area that deals with project management supports companies investing in innovation and technological research. Next Technology Tecnotessile proposes and promotes the participation of enterprises in research projects and cooperation networks between enterprises and research institutions, supporting the definition of project proposals for access to public funding at regional, national and European level. 

The company has participated and coordinated several projects, both national and supra-national. 

The Services include:

  • Recognition and selection of the most appropriate funding at regional, national and European level.
  • Setting up the project, for both the technical and the economic aspect, and preparation of the necessary documentation for the submission of the contribution to be presented to the management body.
  • Support to the management of the procedures required by the project, in direct contact with the managing body, in various stages of investigation, presentation of additional documents, preparation of specifications, contract signature..
  • Support to the personnel assigned to the coordination of the funded project for technical and administrative management.
  • Support to the drafting of the periodic and final technical and financial reporting to be submitted to the management body.
  • Support to the possible on-site verification of the managing body both in the intermediate and final stages.
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