Testing service to validate medical masks is now available

New Testing Service to validate medical masks is now available!


CEQ Laboratory, sited in Monsummano Terme, was built in 1998 by the will of the Chamber of Commerce of Pistoia, Confindustria Toscana Nord and the Monsummano Terme district, CEQ has been acquired by Next Technology Tecnotessile in 2018, since the recent international and global health emergency, it activated a new internal laboratory to provide a Testing Service to validate medical masks. This service is necessary to gain the authorization by the Superior Institute of Health and to get the CE certification to medic devices. These tests are executed following the European certification UNI EN 14683.

CEQ’s technicians have been working on this from the beginning of this emergency, showing a fundamental support to companies of our country and other Italian and European regions to face the challenge set by the covid-19, but most importantly a solid help to the healthcare personel, which we want to thank for all the work they’re doing for us all, and offering the chance to wear safe and validate devices.

The new service is already available from today, and it’s the result of a common effort between the CERTEMA laboratory of Cinigiano (GR) and other regional and national structures.

This isn’t all we have to say: the next step will be to enlarge this testing service to medical coats, soon they’ll be needed in quantity, seen the lack of specific structures for the validation of this protection wear.

COVID-STOP, link to CEQ website, with instructions and technical information.

www.ceq.it, 0572 954552, lab@ceq.it
www.tecnotex.it, 0574 634040, services@tecnotex.it