About Next Technology Tecnotessile


Next Technology Tecnotessile is a private research organisation enrolled among the laboratories recognised by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR), operating for the improvement of technological innovation and the competitiveness of companies.

The company was established in 1972 in Prato. Its capital is held by companies operating in various industrial sectors (mainly textiles, clothing, mechanical, textile machinery and logistics) for 60% and by MIUR for 40% .

The assiduous participation in R&D and technology transfer projects at national and European level has allowed Next Technology Tecnotessile to consolidate a vast network of links and collaborations, with the most important industrial companies, universities, research centres and companies service operating in Italy, Europe and worldwide.

Promote its role of excellence in applied Technological Research, performed in collaboration with enterprises under National / Regional programs and the European Commission Framework Programmes.

Develop knowledge and ideas leading to the realization of new products, promoting the participation of enterprises in regional, national and European research and developing programmes.

Realize strategic partnerships between com-panies and suppliers of scientific knowledge, as Research Centers and Universities, both National and European level.

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