TEXGLOBAL Vietnam Mission

The general objective of the TEXGLOBAL project is to support the growth, the competitiveness and industrial modernisation of European Textile enterprises in long run by enhancing its innovation capacity.

The activities of TEXGLOBAL project will support European SMEs to identify growth opportunities worldwide, raise their excellence and innovation capacities in a global ecosystem. Textile industry sustainability is based on the innovation process that bring to new products, applications, markets, production processes and services, and in this project will be transferred to SMEs the importance and, than the methodology, to find a right partner to develop, prototype and produce an INNOVATIVE GLOBALLY COMPETITIVE MATERIAL, PRODUCT OR SERVICE.

The TEXGLOBAL internationalisation strategy for SMEs address the following countries: Mexico, USA, Vietnam.

Vietnam is one of the top producing countries and apparel exporter in the world, occupying the fourth position at global level as exporter of textile and garment following China, India and Bangladesh.

The Garment and Textile industry is one of the key industries in Vietnam, contributing to almost the 16% of the total GDP with a double-digit annual average rate growth. Hence, the T&G sector plays a crucial role in the economic development of the country, with also a socio-economic impact in terms of human capital development and in terms of social welfare and employment.

Yesterday the TEXGLOBAL partnership visited VITAS (Vietnam Textile and Apparel Association) in the morning. After a fruitful meeting, they are going to organise a jointly workshop and a matchmaking event for European and Vietnamese companies at the end of November.

In the afternoon TEXGLOBAL team visited Viet Tien a Textile & Garment company and they concluded the 1st day mission visiting Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology to start developing an MoU to generate new collaboration opportunities.