Last chance to visit Porto’s advanced manufacturing ecosystem with a travel voucher!

Are you going to miss the last chance to participate in a GALACTICA’s Learning Expedition?

We have a new call for travel vouchers to attend Porto’s learning expeditions focused on advanced manufacturing hosted by PRODUTECH!

PRODUTECH, the Portuguese production technologies cluster, is an articulated network of manufacturing technology providers capable of responding to both competitiveness and sustainability challenges and to the overall manufacturing industry’s requirements with innovative, flexible, integrated and competitive solutions.

The objective of this GALACTICA learning expedition is to present interesting cross-sectoral innovations connecting advanced production technologies, textiles and aerospace entities.

On the first day, you will have the chance to visit technological centers and institutes that work actively in technology transfer to industryCITEVE (Technological Centre for Textile & Clothing), CENTI (Centre for Nanotechnologies and Smart Materials)INEGI – (Institute of Science and Innovation in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering) and INESC TEC | iiLAB – Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science | Industry and innovation lab.

On the second day you’ll be able to participate in the GALACTICA WS as side event of PRODUTECH FORUM at EMAF, an inspiring cross-sectoral fertilization seminar with active participation of the attendees. You’ll have the rest of the day to visit EMAF (+INFO) – the international fair of machines, equipment and services for the industry where you can meet with our members that are exhibiting and much more.

Looking forward to welcoming you all to Portugal!


Day: December 2nd and 3rd 2021
Location: Porto Region (Portugal)

Day 1 – December 2nd

Time Activities

Visit to CITEVE – Technological center for textile & clothing.

CITEVE is a Technological Institute which provides technological support and services to companies acting in the textile & clothing business. Product design & development, prototyping, testing and applied R&D oriented to innovative applications, are included in a service portfolio that also includes consultancy, training and fashion intelligence.

CITEVE is an active member of several international networks and also takes part in different technical working groups in the fields of research, product testing and certification.

Visit to CeNTI – Centre for Nanotechnology and Smart Materials

CeNTI is an Institute of New Technologies with multi-sectoral orientation, equipped with cutting-edge technology that promotes activities of Research, Technological Development, Innovation and Engineering in the fields of smart and functional materials and systems.

CeNTI explores advanced technologies enabling the developing, testing, prototyping and scaling-up of nanotechnology solutions for the market, surface functionalization and smartization of materials using printed electronic technologies.


Visit to INEGI – Institute of Science and Innovation in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

INEGI has in its base several research units specialised by scientific and technological areas supporting the research activity. Crosswise there are the Innovation, Consulting and Services activities that address the development of solutions for companies.

Presentation from projects with companies in two sectors: Industry and Aeronautics, Space and Defense

Visit to INESC TEC | iiLAB – Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science | Industry and innovation lab

iiLab aims to disclose the state-of-the-art in advanced production technologies through the demonstration of research, experimentation and advanced training results. iiLab supports technology-based innovation in public and private organisations, thus contributing to the development of their skills in the development, adoption and implementation of advanced production technologies, leading to a sustainable competitiveness in the circular economy context.


Networking Event

Day 2 – December 3rd

Time Activities


  • PRODUTECH SIF final results presentation (+INFO)
  • GALACTICA project presentation and testimonies
  • PIMAP+ project presentation (The PIMAP+ consortium aims to strengthen cross-sectoral cooperation in the fields of photonics, advanced manufacturing, metalworking, and aerospace industry. (+INFO)
  • Networking

EMAF International Fair (+INFO)

  • Visit
  • Networking with companies’ members of PRODUTECH and visit to their stands
  • B2B meetings *

*Register to EMAF here (free before 29th November). Once you are registered you can schedule business-oriented meetings with exhibitors through E+E EMAF Digital Platform (+info).

All visits are tentative subject to change without prior notice.

GALACTICA consortium reserves the right to change dates or cancel the call at any time, change its provisions or extend it. In such a case we will inform all applicants about such change.

Get up to 650€ travel voucher to participate in the Porto Learning Expedition!

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Do not miss this opportunity to learn the latest trends in the sectors of aerospace, textile and advanced manufacturing, participate in cross-sectoral fertilization workshops and networking opportunities that GALACTICA offers you.

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