Hi-Tech-TEX; New sustainable and cross-sectorial value chains towards excellence in Hi-Tech Textiles to foster the uptake of innovation and increasing competitiveness

Hi-Tech-TEX  main objective is to strengthen cluster management excellence and facilitate exchanges and strategic partnering between clusters and specialised eco-systems and cities across Europe, including through implementation of the “ClusterXchange” mobility scheme.

NTT is one of the partner of the project; the project coordinator is the Portuguese cluster CITEVE; Hi-Tech-TEX partenership integrates AEI TÈXTILS, Associació Agrupació D’empreses Innovadores Tèxtils from Spain; ATEVAL, Asociación Textil De La Comunidad  Valenciana from Spain; DCC TTC, Denizli Chamber of Commerce from Turkey; CLUTEX, Clutex – Klastr Technicke Textilie from Czech Republic. Therefore, Hi-Tech-TEX partnership brings together 4 EU countries and 1 Non-EU Participant in the COSME Programme and representing 6 regions: Norte in Portugal, Catalonia and Valencia in Spain, Tuscany in Italy, Severovýchod in Czech Republic, and Aegean in Turkey.

The Hi-Tech-TEX will be carried out several activities for a duration of 24 months. The activities clustered as follows:

  • The training and coaching activities for Cluster excellence capacity building will be focus on the implementation of a strong framework programme towards capacity-building.
  • The implementation of pilot collaborative actions and new services that exploits synergies and draws on complementarities activities for Joint collaboration activities create a basis for the long-term cooperation between the clusters’ ecosystems and the partnership’s sustainability.

Partnership joint strategy building and service portfolio activities will support the definition of a joint strategy and roadmap, foreseeing the implementation of new services that exploits synergies, and draws on complementarities to further the deepening of the ecosystems’ relationships.

ClusterXchange pilot implementation focus on the implementation of the ClusterXchange pilot enabling new growth opportunities for SME and industrial transformation.


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